A spinal injury, caused by a tractor trailer accident, can have long lasting effects on your life.
You will need to see a doctor and go to the hospital, you may miss time from work, and your
injuries may be severe. Your spinal injuries could be so intense and life altering that you may
need the help of rehabilitative services to walk again. No one should have to traverse a tractor
trailer spinal cord injury alone. Cabo Granato is a Maryland tractor trailer spinal injury lawyer
who will fight for your rights.
If you drive a tractor trailer, or other vehicle for a living, you already know the importance of
highway and roadway safety. However, many drivers today find themselves distracted from the
road with music, conversations, and of course, texting on their cell phones. This is not right that
you should have to suffer through grueling months of spinal injury recovery due to the
negligence of another person. Cabo Granato is the right Baltimore tractor trailer spinal injury
attorney to call in order to get you the best medical treatment you deserve and to make sure your
financial future is not in jeopardy.
Now sometimes, a motorist driving a car is hurt by a large vehicle, like a tractor trailer or bus.
You have rights and need a hard-hitting experienced Baltimore spinal injury lawyer who will not
back down from the insurance company and has a proven track record of winning. Cabo Granato
is a Maryland spinal injury lawyer who has gone toe-to-toe with the largest insurance companies
in the country and won thousands of dollars for his clients.
Suffering a tractor trailer spinal injury is a scary and dangerous situation. We want your back to
heal and get your body to where you were before this tragic injury. If you have suffered a spinal
injury call, email, or chat with one of our professionals standing by 24/7 about your rights. Your
quality of life is too precious to leave in the hands of amateurs. Contact Cabo Granato, the
Maryland tractor trailer spinal injury lawyer, today.